Claire Luminancer
Name in Japaneseクレア (Kurea)
Romaji TranslationClaire
Debut (Comic)

Honoo no Nayami no Tane

Episode 01

Birthdate (Real Life)March 15, 2001
Height131 cm.
Personal Info
Age13-14 years old (physically, actually unknown age)
Council's TitleN/A

Restriction Seal

Healing Prayer

Wound Mend



Book of Clerics

Claire Luminancer

Claire Luminancer is the female lead of this comic. A silent type, smart, kind, loving and responsible cleric. Clerics are known for their ability to heal, infect and amplify force againts an opponent. Besides these abilities, they also have the power over "Life and Death" situations, almost making them inevetable, for short, live forever. She is the leader of their group of heroes who defend Clafport City. Things got a little bit of change when a person named Feeniks Flamebane came into her life.


Claire is a smart, kind, loving, responsible cleric that defended her city for many years againts the group called "Shard-Binded Sinisters". As soon as she met Feeniks Flamebane, her world got a little bit outbalanced because of her interest on Feeniks. Feeniks being bounded to his duty, despises Claire, but she never gave up her affection on Feeniks. As time passes by, Claire always guides Feeniks on his journeys nowadays.

Claire is the leader of her anonymous group of heroes including Darren Gunsling, Kim Kriegsketch, Kae Kriegsketch and Matrix Aeroswipe. She always blush everytime Feeniks tries to ask something about her, which creeps out Feeniks saying, "You really freak me out..".Her battle capabilities is quite low when physical attacks is involved, that's why she only depends on her "Restriction Seal" spell.

She loves chocolate, most women do. For her, "chocolate completes my day, don't you know that?". Being soft-hearted, sometimes fooled by her enemies of making them rest, then Feeniks says, "Wow, why the hell did you let him rest?!". She knows very well about love but afraid to do it, specially on Feeniks.


Her past is a very peaceful one. On her birthplace called "The Heaven's Ground", Pyro of the Phoenix Council arrived and destroyed their homeland. Being able to survive, Claire trained herself, using the "Book of Clerics", she became adept in her skills as a cleric and made a group of heroes to defend the havoc-filled city, Clafport City.

Claire needs to humanize Feeniks, so, she named Feeniks after his title and classification, to make her communication with Feeniks a little bit faster than just saying "Phoenix Revenant".


Claire has a very big affection for Feeniks, it is because of Feeniks' difference to some other of her friends."Sometimes it's the differences that makes love exciting". Also her friend, Darren Gunsling, has an interest on her too, making Feeniks and Darren rivals on her. Behind the clash of the two rivals, Claire still has an interest on Feeniks. Trying to convince Darren not to love her, still Darren will never give up. Their rivalry is still ongoing nowadays.

Techniques and Spells

Claire has various skills and spells that help him in battle, here are some:

  • Restriction Seal

- Claire's primary weapon againts magical and physical attacks. If physical attack are executed, this spell will defy the gravity of the attack and control the force on where Claire wants it. If magical attacks, this only serves as a shield. If the magical attack colides with the seal, it is nullified and by chance, deflected back to the opponent.

  • Healing Prayer

- Claire uses this spell in times of need or in senses of urgency. It restore's the energy and replenishes life of Claire's target permanently unless inflicted of harmed. As a drawback, her energy is halved until sometime and repelnish overtime. Useful on hard-fought battles. Claire commonly uses this spell on Feeniks everytime he uses his Helix Move.

  • Wound Mend

- Helpful spell againts debuff effects such as poison, paralyze, stun, sleep, silence, burn, freeze etc. This spell purifies and cleans the soul of the targeted ally, removing harmful effects on the body cast on him/her. No special drwabacks are got from this spell which means Claire can use this spell infinitely regarding energy is enough to cast this spell.

  • Revive

- An effective, but life-risking spell. This spell revives a spirit, creates a new soul but the same thought, giving it annother chance in life. After the spell is successful, the cleric who used the spell dies for 1 day and revived again. This spell doesn't work on Ancient Creatures such as, A Phoenix, therefore, if Claire casts this spell on Feeniks, the effect will be numb and useless.

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