Darren Gunsling
Name in Japaneseダレン (Daren)
Romaji TranslationDarren
Debut (Comic)

Honoo no Nayami no Tane

Episode ()

Birthdate (Real Life)March 12, 2001
Height139 cm.
Personal Info
Age15 year old


Weapon Engineer

Council's TitleN/A

Silver Bullet

Weapon Customizer

True Sight




AWP Rifle


Fragmentation Grenade

M9 Knife

Ammunition Box

Darren Gunsling

Darren, often called shortly by his friends as "Renn", is the semihero-villain lead of the comic. Bearing weapon manipulating abilities, he joins Claire Luminancer to defend Clafport City. But things got tougher until Feeniks Flamebane came into their lives.


Darren is an aggresive, strong, quick, and a sly assasin skilled in weapon manipulation. Being so knowledgable on weapon customization, he can even create high-powered mixed designed, customized guns. As an example, he can combine a normal rifle with a sniper gun and use it in combat. An intellegent person, liscensed to kill and assasinate, is ranked as Major in his last attended army school.

As for his hindrances, he considers Feeniks Flamebane as a big hindrance to all of his wants. After Feeniks' arrival, all of Darren's pride has gone with him. Everytime Feeniks asks something to Darren, he always ignores and backs out. At battles, Darren always interferes as if he can handle it. Sometimes successful, sometimes, failed.


He is a skilled assistant leader of their anonymous group of heroes with their leader, Claire Luminancer. Skilled in weaponry and infantry commanding that he has learned when he graduated from military school.

He is a liscensed assasinator. He can kill anyone at anytime, any where, at any conditions. His rival, Feeniks, is what he wants to use his skills on, but he can't seem to get a good clear shot. As Feeniks always sense incoming objects and dodging it not looking behind.


Darren has an interest on Claire Luminancer, a silent, caring, loving and responsible cleric and the leader of their anonymous group of heroes that defend Clafport city from further destruction. But Claire, only foreseeing Darren as her friend, despises him for they are only friends. After thinking all of his failure to own her heart, he blames Feeniks for all of it. He secretly determines Feeniks as his rival on Claire. He always wanted to eliminate Feeniks from his and Claire's sight for Feeniks, according to him, is a disturbance. Feeniks, not knowing Darren already has a hatred on him, still considers Darren as his friend.

Techniques and Spells

Darren has various skills and spells that help him in battle, here are some:

  • Silver Bullet

- This is the buff Darren use, not to kill werewolves, but to strengthen the power, speed and aerodynamics of his buffed bullets. The bullet is buffed with pure Titanium that it can pierce through almost anything in its way. Useful for tanking a platoon of enemies and ganking.

  • Weapon Customizer

- Darren often uses this technique. He chooses two or three weapons to forge, he disassembles it, forge it into one and, POOF, He has a random gun. All feature of the unique guns are intacked into his finishing product. Example, he chooses M4A1, AWP, and STINGER as his materials, in less than 1 minute, he builds his very own STINGER M4AWP gun, Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun, and Rifle in one.

  • True Sight

- Grants Darren a very ken magical eye that can see invisible enemies all around him. That includes Ghosts, Ghouls and any creatures that has an ability to become invisible. Very useful againts backstabs while Darren is on Rifle Mode.

  • Assasination

- The best skill Darren has. He picks up his AWP rifle, sights the chosen target, locks on it, and shoots. The target is either instant kill, or critically harmed. Its bullets contain pure lead, that breaks the nervous system, making the target paralyzed and imapaled with continious pain.

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