Feeniks Flamebane
Name in Japaneseフェニックス
Romaji TranslationFeeniks
Debut (Comic)

Honoo no Nayami no Tane

Episode 01

Birthdate (Real Life)March 10, 2001
Height135 cm.
Personal Info
Age14-15 years old (physically, actually unknown age)
ClassificationHalf Phoenix Revenant Half Human
Aura ColorDark Red
Phoenix Claw


Helix Move

Evoke (Phoenix Forms)



Feeniks Flamebane

"Feeniks Flamebane", shortly named as "Feeniks" (obviously), he is the male lead of the comic. A chosen one bounded as a "Phoenix Revenant" in the service of the 4th leader of the Phoenix Council "Flame". On his journey to this havoc-filled city named "Clafport", he ended up joining the team of heroes of the city leaded by a silent girl named "Claire Luminancer ".


Feeniks is initially a fiery, determined, smart, loyal, aggressive Phoenix Revenant. Once he had no name, he just got his name

from Claire Luminancer, a kind and silent cleric in which secretly has an interest on Feeniks. But Feeniks, being hard-headed,

his heart only knows revenge and his mission, nothing else. However, as time passes by, the heart inside him melts gradually,

because of the affection Claire is showing. He slowly opens up himself to Claire.

Feeniks is fond of saying "Okina Osewa!", translated to English vocabulary means "none of your business!" everytime he is asked of something he is doing secretly or at embarassing questions that he cannot answer. He says this all time with Claire as she is about to ask more than two questions.

He is fond of drinking tonic beverages specially, Coffee. As to our understanding, coffee is a stimulant that boosts body activities. That's what Feeniks liked about coffee. Feeniks is physically strong, mentally intelligent and spiritually bounded by his duty. In the other hand, he quite has lack knowledge about social affairs, never knowing what "Love" is.


A Phoenix Revenant in the service of the 4th Leader of The Phoenix Council "Flame", once a human, took intense, yet cruel training. As a result, he is adept in combat and highly intellegent, but sometimes forgetful. The first servant of and named by Flame "The Bane of Flame" naming it after his "creation" he calls it.

On his journey to Clafport City, she met Claire Luminancer. She was the one who named Feeniks, after his title and classification. "Feeniks" instead of "Phoenix" and "Flamebane" from his title "The Bane of Flame".


Feeniks, having no knowledge about "Relationships", and only remembering wrath, revenge and the duty sealed in his mind, it's quite impossible for him to have an interest. But as this girl named Claire paired him, his heart grew fondly as his heart was calmed with Claire by her side. Darren Gunsling , is his love rival with Claire. Because of the confessions of Claire, one day Darren will "assasinate" Feeniks with his rifle-engineering abilities. From now, this rivalry is still ongoing for the two. Kim Kriegsketch and Kae Kriegsketch , being experienced with intimate relationships, is the one whom Feeniks asks advice with questions on his mind that are difficult to answer alone.

Techniques and Spells

Feeniks has various skills and spells that help him in battle, here are some:

  • Phoenix Claw

- Phoenix Claw provides Feeniks with blazing razor-sharp claws of a Phoenix that can cleave through the strongest rock or metal. Not only powerful but fast cleaving actionis also emphasized by this technique. Much more useful than the Katana he wields, thats why on the later chapters, he will treat the Katana as a heirloom to the one he is interested in.

  • Overdrive

- This spell accelerates his blood flow, allowing him to use his adrenaline, for improved strength, agility an mental alertness. But this spell also has it's drawbacks. Once activated, aging is accelerated while in this mode, which leads to early death. But for Phoenix's like Feeniks, there is a freedom of usage for this spell because of the power of a Phoenix to revive itself after 100 years of life. Added with coffee, Feeniks is hyper fast, mammoth strengthened and almost an all-knowing being for the coffee also accelerates performance.

  • Helix Move

- This technique involves "Copy Cat Move". Feeniks analyzes every aspect of the skill used on him. The moves, perspective, energy used and correct execution which makes Feeniks copy any move cast on him but costs a lot of energy as a backfire which also might lead to exhaustion or worse, death.

  • Evoke (Phoenix Forms)

- The ultimate skill a Phoenix Revenant can get. Feeniks evolves to a much stronger form, makes him capable of a task that can't be accomplish by an ordinary Phoenix such as, eliminate another Phoenix perhaps. Much more dreadful attitude and body is the physical appearance of an evolved Phoenix Revenant, such as Feeniks. Commonly, Phoenix's evolves to 3 Phases but Feeniks, being special before the image of Flame, was gifted countless phases of Forms according to Flame.


"I hold the title "The Bane of Flame", I am the revenant for the artifact "Crimson Haze", I am..." -to Claire Luminancer & Deceased Rock Slave Servant

"The creature... is much more... smarter... that you..." -to Claire Luminancer

"Did you ever notice the once who love you?" -to Claire Luminancer

"I am "The Bane of Flame", nothing more!" -to Claire Luminancer

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