Feeniks no Honoo no Nayami no Tane Guide

Feeniks no Honoo no Nayami no Tane Wiki is my guide to people reading my comic strip, Feeniks no Honoo no Nayami no Tane (also named Feeniks: The Bane of Flames). This site wil tell you the characters, stories, scene tours, terminologies and episode summaries about my comic. Have fun reading and remember, "There Are No Boundaries".

Feeniks-kun 03:30, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


Crimson Haze, the blazing red artifact, that boosts the fervor of the wielder and gives eternal life. This artifact was created by the Phoenix Council namely Blaze, Flare, Pyro and Flame. This artifact burns with such intensity that one day, it exploded and spread into small shards and descended all over the planet called, Earth. The Council, one by one, created a servant and named them "Phoenix Revenants". Pyro, being jealous to the other creations, eliminated Blaze and Flare, leaving Flame behind and taking the other Revenants with him. Flame, now on his own, descended into Earth and looked for a lost soul to forge in to his Revenant. As expected, he found an infant, raised it, and trained it for battle capabilities. On the journey of the Phoenix Revenant to the City named "Clafport", he found a group of heroes leaded by the girl named Claire Luminancer. Claire, concerned to the Revenant and bearing no name, humanized him and thats how he got his name, FEENIKS FLAMEBANE.

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