Kim Kriegsketch
Name in Japaneseフェニックス
Romaji TranslationKim
Debut (Comic)

Honoo no Nayami no Tane

Episode 3

Birthdate (Real Life)July 23, 2010
Height138 cm.
Personal Info
Age15 years old
ClassificationMystical Artist
Aura ColorPurple


Pencil Blade

Lead Barrier

Crumple Portal


Mystic Scroll

Mystic Pencil

Kim Kriegsketch

Kim Kriegsketch, well-known as "Kim", is the major support character of the comic. A talented artist that can draw object perfectly. She and her twin sister, Kae Kriegsketch, she and her sister will join Claire Luminancer and her group of anonymous heroes defending the havoc-filled city "Clafport". She became an advice giver to Feeniks Flamebane when he arrived in their city.


Kim is a cheerful, active, mystical and intelligent, and a bit of a boastful girl obtaining the skills of an artist. Every angle, every perspective, every line she makes is done perfectly without templates. As the Phoenix Revenant named Feeniks Flamebane visited their city, she became a guidance unto Feeniks for he doesn't know much about life in Earth, things, languages, questions with answers, etc. Her passion in drafting is bonded unto her, painting landscapes, portraits, faces, and other random things that she can draw.

Kim, in the part of Feeniks as his adviser, always gives him a valuable lesson on everything. Also, Kim has a plan of trying to take Feeniks and Claire together, with the help also of her twin sister, Kae Kriegsketch.

At adventures, she always brings her trusty Mystical Pencil and Mystical Scroll in battles, in strategy plans, and in drawing of course. Every beautiful scenery she see's nearby will be another collection into her masterpiece's.


Active, cheerful, intelligent and kind. These words compare to her as also to Kae, her twin sister. Almost the same characteristics and physical appearance is shared by Kim as to her twin sister, but both think differently and sometimes, leads to an argument. Both of them still manages to agree to each others plan, in times of need. Being the only adviser Feeniks has, she always gives detail in every word she says on Feeniks, for Feeniks doesn't understand sometimes being inexperienced in social affairs.


Kim is quite experienced in such things like Love. She know very well about it, qoutes and sayings, situations, types, almost everything, but never tries to.

She has no relationships so far, but who knows, maybe she'll find the one. As of now, she will be the one to guide Feeniks, the one who still doesn't know the method and the flow, on his journey on finding out how to live in this world.

Techniques and Spells

Kim has various skills and spells that help him in battle, here are some:

  • Sketch - out

- With the use of her Mystical Pencil and Scroll, she skillfully and swiftly draws an image that she can bring to life upon command. Once finished drawing, she channels energy upon her drawing and releases her drawing from her scroll, commanding it anything upon Kim's desire. To be honest, everything is possible with this technique because of the drawing being anything it wants.

  • Pencil Blade

- Her trusty Mystic Pencil, being indestructible, can transform into a sharp blade that can possibly pierce through rock, but still slash through flesh. Her first use of this technique was with Feeniks. She tried piercing it through Feeniks, but fails for it was no match for Feeniks' Phoenix Claw, that can pierce through anything. Luckily, her Pencil is indestructible.

  • Lead Barrier

- Her Pencil releases a black aura, which is lead, and forms a oval that has a concentrated amount of aura on it that cannot be pierced by anything that is on its way, making it the most fortified defensive spell ever.

  • Crumple Portal

- Using and emmiting a very large amount of aura and energy on her body, she creates a large portal that can absorb objects and living things. Similar power to a large black hole that can absorb anything that even light cannot escape. Exchanged price for this spell uses up almost 3/4 of energy.

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